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Autumn at Pellaio

Anne Anderson

Posted on October 18 2020



It is extremely difficult to know what to wear at the best of times but almost impossible at the moment. It is possibly wise to have a wardrobe with a careful selection of trusted and timeless pieces that you can wear at a moments notice but will effortlessly combine with any of your old favourites. With this in mind we have chosen a black nappa leather jacket which is so incredibly soft and supple it just makes you feel good the moment you slip it on.  Wear this with your favourite jeans or your best dress and you are all set to go.



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For Autumn we would like to introduce you to our hand-hammered leather. This is prestigious leather, cured in the age old tradition then hammered by hand to create this unique exquisite texture.  The resulting process leaves the leather grained but soft and supple.  Unfortunately digitally you cannot experience the tactile texture or the scent of the leather. The handbags we have chosen are styles which will endure the ebb and flow of fashion and which one day hopefully you will be able to retrieve from your favourites in years to come. The boots we have selected in this leather are lavishly finished with a little bit of luxury. Although beautiful, they are functional and have rubber soles and are lined with lambswool. 



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Another of our Autumn favourites, is our suede.  We have super soft suede waistcoats and trousers in beautiful rich autumn colours, rich brown and moss green.   Waistcoats are so versatile and can be worn  over blouses and tops and just transform your outfit in an instant.  The trousers are fitted and fabulously soft and feminine. Just a little luxury to add to the day.




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